Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2015

God answered my mam's prayer

I just graduated some weeks ago as a bachelor of English literature in State Islamic University in Surabaya. I did my research from March until July. It was not an easy thing that I passed. It was not because the difficult material of my research, but the hard thing is from my heart. I didn't confident enough doing the project.

My thesis adviser sometimes made me falling down but my spirit was more bigger than my fear. I chosen to always continue doing my thesis. She has been giving her whole time generously to guide me step by step from beginning to the process of writing until finishing my thesis. Her words always inspired me and brought me to higher level of thinking with critical questions and constructive to better work. What I learned from her was not only how to wrote a thesis or to met the graduation requirement, but also how to viewed this words from a new perspective. Without her kindness and patience instruction, it was possible for me to finish this thesis.

That's just a little flashback about my last project while I still a undergraduate student. Several weeks before I graduated, I was looking for a job. Actually, I have been teaching as an English teacher for primary students in one of the Islamic school in Sidoarjo. I often want to resign because I though that I'm just an ordinary person and I never won anything during my collage. Not only that, I also felt that I was a fool one. I don't know why the time runs too fast. A mount later I still arbitrarily to me, myself.

Now, I'm teaching in Senior High School and Vocational High School. For about two weeks I adaptation with my class, I teach six classes for SHS, five classes for vocational high school students and one class for primary students. I also teach at course for the preparation for national examination 2016. At the first time, teaching is not an easy thing, moreover I was not a student majoring in education. Because of that, I always learned how to make the students understand the material. One month I through, I can't believe that my students like the way I teach. I try little by little. I proud for my past that ever had no confident to me, myself, I often given up and of course I ever worked hard to fought my enemy too.

To be a teacher might be one of my mam's prayer. Long time ago she wanted me to be a teacher. Yes, it's the answer, Allah proves it.

-The one who wanna be a professional ESL teacher.-

Kamis, 02 Januari 2014

My first day I teach him

This is the continuance of my story before. I’ve told that this day is my first day I teach him and I met him on afternoon. Seperti yang sudah aku bayangkan dan menimbang-nimbang soal yang akan diujikan karena aku sudah melihat contohnya untuk tahun 2014 ini. Hanya beberapa teks yang amat sangat panjang untuk membuat si peserta ujian itu pusing, berkeringat bahkan demam jika mereka tidak tahu arti perword. Sepuluh dua puluh menit berlalu. Aku begitu menikmati soal-soal itu, entah bagaimana perasaan Rama setelah sekian menit berlalu. Keringatnya melebur begitu saja padahal bau wangi sabunnya masih melekat di badannya, masih segar tentunya.
          Suasana sore sangat mengasyikkan, satu dua soal perkisi-kisi terjawab sudah. Karena hari pertama aku hanya mengintrogasi dia dengan beberapa pertanyaan seputar materi yang akan kita bahas dan juga beberapa buku yang akan kita gunakan sebagai kitab. Masih dengan pertanyaan yang sama ‘Apa yang masih susah?’, jawabnya sama ‘Artinya’. Next, I will make him know how to answer the best choices. Sebernarnya ada beberapa steps yang pernah diberikan oleh guruku semasa praUNAS di bangku kelas IX dan XII tapi aku lupa.
          Ternyata mengajar itu sama saja seperti sebelum-sebelumnya. Aku sangat ingin mencoba mengajar yang sekelas terdiri dari beberapa. Mumpung masih kuliah, belajar menghadapi anak sekelas. Tapi sampai saat ini juga aku tidak pernah melamar lagi sebagai tutor, selama ini aku hanya mengiyakan tawaran-tawaran dari seniorku.

Rabu, 01 Januari 2014

My first day before teach him

Hari ini pertama kali aku mengajar Rama yang akan menghadapi UN 2014. Tentu saja aku hanya mengajar mata ujian Bahasa Inggris. Entah mengapa hingga saat ini aku masih saja merasa kurang dalam skill ‘Mengajar’. Aku masih merasa tidak bisa menguasai materi-materi itu, masih merasa belum membuat anak berhasil dan paham dalam proses belajarnya. Yang menjadi tanyaku hingga saat ini ‘Apakah ini salah satu proses? Atau memang aku tidak punyai skill untuk mengajar?’ berapa waktu yang lalu aku mengajar bella, dia murid les teman kelasku, Vina. Karena suatu hal Vina ingin aku sebagai penggantinya. Aku mengajar bella sejak Mei 2011 hingga pertengahan tahun 2013 ketika bella kelas VII. Entah, saat itu juga bella tidak menghubungiku dan akupun tidak berusaha menghubungi bella. Batinku bertanya, karena terkadang teman-temanku sepertinya begitu dekat dengan muridnya. Mengapa aku tidak bisa seperti mereka? Apa aku ini bodoh atau bagaimana.
          Awal semester VI salah satu senior jurusan dikampus memintaku untuk menggantikannya untuk murid lesnya kelas IV. Akupun mengiyakan padahal sebelumnya aku memutuskan untuk tidak mempunyai sampingan. Tapi, setelah beberapa jeda untuk berfikir akupun memutuskan untuk menerima tawaran itu atas dasar mengamalkan apa yang sudah aku dapat selama belajar di sekolah tinggi sekaligus praktek bagaimana cara menyampaikan dan membuat anak benar-benar paham mata pelajaran yang  telah diajarkan.Beberapa hari ini aku sudah belajar memahami dan bagaimana menyampaikan kisi-kisi soal UN 2014 dari file yang sudah aku unduh di internet. Semoga sore ini aku bisa belajar dari Rama dengan baik.
Jikalah setelah lulus aku memang bukan ditakdirkan menjadi tenaga pendidik atau mungkin tetap pada kemauanku hanya menjadi staff kantor/perusahaan. DAN Pagi ini aku baru saja menerima pesan dari rekan senior jurusanku yang memintaku untuk mengajar. Dia memintaku untuk menggantikan seniorku sebagai tutor yang sedang menjalani KKN selama satu bulan. Ah. Semoga aku ikhlas dengan jalanku nantinya. Entah kelak aku menjadi tenaga pengajar ataukah sebagai staff kantor/perusahaan. Otakku masih mengiblatkan ‘guru’ sebagai masa depan yang baik untukku. Man Jadda Wa Jadda 

to be continue...

Kamis, 07 November 2013

Three Obligations as A Parent

Prophet Muhammad said “there are three obligations as a parent to fulfill children’s authority, first parent must give the best name for their children, then the second parent must educate their children with al-Qur’an and the third parent must be marry their children when they have adult”.
1.      Give the best name
Prophet is known to have given great attention to the problem of name. Whenever he finds a name that is not interesting (worth) and meaningless, he would change with appropriate name. He changed the various names of men and women. As in the hadith presented by A'ishah, that the Messenger of Allah ordinary change the names that are not good. (Narrated by Tirmidhi)
He likes a good name. When entering a new city, he asked its name. When the name of the city was bad, he would change with a better replacement. He does not let the name of something unseemly, a person, a city or a region. Someone who originally named Ashiyah (who likes to engage in immoral) is replaced by Jamilah (beautiful), Harb is replaced by Salman (peacefully), Syi'bul Dhalalah (heretical group) is replaced by Syi'bul Huda (right group) and Banu Mughawiyah (cheat offspring) is replaced by the Banu Rushdi (the rightly guided offspring) and so on (Narrated by Abu Dawood and the other hadith An-Nawawi, Al Azkar: 258).
Regard to the names of good for the child, the Messenger of Allah said, "Verily, you all will be called on the Doomsday with the names of you, then trigged up your name." (HR.Abu Dawud)
2.      Brought up with Al-Qur’an
On one occasion, Commander of the Faithful Umar bin Khattab presence of a man who complains about his son naughtiness, "My son is very stubborn." Commander of the Faithful said, "Are you not afraid of God because of you brave to fight your father and did not fulfill your father’s authority?" The smart kid interrupts. "O Commander of the Faithful, how about parent who do not have the obligation to fulfill the authorities of their children?"
Umar replied, "There are three, namely: First, choose a good mother for your future children. Second, choose a good name for your children. Third, bring up them with the Qur'an." Hear a description of Khalifah Umar the child replied, "The name of Allah, my father did not choose a good mother for me then him naming me “Bats Males”, while he also ignores Islamic education for me., I had not been taught by him although single verse. Then Umar turned to his father and said, "You have disobeyed your son, before he dared to you".
3.      Please marry him/her
When the son or daughter has entered the age of marriage, please marry him/her. Do not let them continue and get lost in wilderness of disobedience. Pray and encourage them to the family life, do not wait for old age. If there are sense of worry about not getting sustenance and bear the heavy burden of the family, God has promised to cover it if they along with the effort and hard work that he did, as his word, "Please Marry your children (unmarried) and those who have entered to the time for married. If they are the ones who are not capable, Allah will give them a wealth of his grace. "(Surat an-Nur: 32)
Occupational of the faith is more worthy precedence than apprehensive that often haunt us. Prophet in this regard said, "There are three cases that cannot be slowed: prayer, when it was the time, corpse when it came and  third, if the woman has been meet with the soul mate that fits." (HR. Tirmidzi)

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Bloom Taxonomy of Muslim Women Compete in Miss Muslimah Beauty Pageant

Flowchart: Connector: 35Yulika Harnum Aulia Basandi

Monday, Sep 23 2013

ID – E


Bloom Taxonomy of Muslim Women Compete in Miss Muslimah Beauty Pageant


1.      Who is Eka Shanti?

Ø  Eka Shanti is a former Indonesian TV anchor who losing her job because she refuse to take off her headscarf. Shanti said that the Jakarta event was held in deliberate defiance of the controversial Miss World contest in Bali. She argued that Miss Muslimah promotes an alternative of more modest and idea of beauty.

2.      When “Miss World” beauty pageant be held?

Ø  Miss world held in Bali Island. The pressure from Islamic hardliners caused the beauty pageant moved the event to the Hindu-majority, Bali Island. The event first opened on September 8.


1.      What is the article about?

Ø  This article is talk about Muslim Women Compete in Miss Muslimah Beauty Pageant also talk about the miss world 2013 beauty pageant that held in Indonesia. Both miss world and Miss muslimah are beauty contest. It is the first year Muslimah has accepted international contestants and the third time it has been held since 2011. Many people protest the event of miss world, so miss world move the event to Bali and even in Bali they want to stop the event. Embassies of US, British and Australia warning because may the extremist still attack miss world event although the event has moved in Bali Island.

2.      How would you classify the type of official attire of Miss Muslimah?

Ø  The official attire on the catwalk is glamorous, floor length hijab, not bikini. Miss Mulismah contestants are required to wear hijab in their daily lives. They must well recite Koranic verses and their extensive views of Islam as the modern world. According Eka shanti, she said that Miss Muslimah promotes an alternative of more modest and idea of beauty, it is different from miss world that show the sexy woman.


1.      What elements would you choose to change the bad opinion of Indonesian about miss world?

Ø  There are some ways to change the bad opinion of Indonesian people about miss world. First is Action, I must enter to the society. If I have entered to the society, I will know the Problem. The problem include why Indonesian refuse the contest held in Indonesia then I can Evaluate. Evaluation is consisting about the history of miss world where have been held in a several years. After I find the problem and the evaluation, I can think about the Solution. I know that other people has the different mind and they firm of their opinion self, so I must give the explanations why miss world have been held in several times ago and it is International contest. If Indonesia follow this competition, All people in the world will know everything that available in Indonesia.

2.      What questions would you ask in an interview with the winner of Miss muslimah?

Ø  I will ask how can they well to recite Koranic verses. Do their parents very crucial role in their religion and what is the role of parents. And also I can ask do they are not afraid of people who extend against about this event. The last question, I will ask if they became a winner what will they do for their environment.


1.      Can you identify the difference parts of Miss World and Miss Muslimah?

Ø  Miss world wear bikini, they look sexy with the clothes that they wear. It can be attract audiences who look in this contest. Whereas the official attire of Miss Muslimah on the catwalk is glamorous, floor length hijab, not bikini. Miss Mulismah contestants are required to wear hijab in their daily lives. They must well recite Koranic verses and their extensive views of Islam as the modern world. According Eka shanny said that Miss Muslimah promotes an alternative of more modest and idea of beauty, it is different from miss world.

2.      What conclusions can you draw of the first muslimah pageant that has held in Indonesia?

Ø  Miss Muslimah is the best of woman contest because they not need to show his body of their beauty. Miss world is the contest that show the beauty woman who has many over plus. She is beautiful, intelligent, cares about education, active in various social activities. Like Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola is a first winner, she is 21 years old of Nigerian woman and she took home the grand prize, which included some $2,000 in prize money and a trip to Mecca and India. Then she plan in India, Ajibola will help raise money to educate the children of sex workers.


1.      How if the Indonesia government decide miss world in the next year?

Ø  If the government will decide the event of miss world, they can do that because it is depend on the government policy. However, that it is international event. We can see miss world in this year that held in Bali. People all of the world know the condition in Bali and I think, international tourist attracted the beauty of Indonesia. But, if government capable to think more creative about the ways for improving our tourism and economy, they must aborted this Miss World 2013. If government know about our majority culture (Islamic majority population), they must aborted this Miss World 2013.

2.      Can you think the original way responding beauty pageant in the next year for the government to improve the Indonesia economy and tourism without this Miss World?

Ø  The woman and other people who watch the sexy body will be punished in the God Law. In Islam it is called ‘haram’ thing. Although some sessions in the Miss World 2013 are aborted but I believe that there are some other sessions which will be similar. So canceling the Miss World 2013 is the best solution. I believe, without Miss World 2013, Indonesia will be in peace and economy condition still can be improved with many ways. The government can still follow the muslimah beauty pageant to improve Indonesia foreign exchange and the world knows everything available in this country.


1.      Do you agree if “Miss World” that was held in Indonesia is the good news the organization of the world?

Ø  No, because we understand the true identity of our country, Indonesia. Indonesia is the biggest Moslem country in the world. Although the country does not use the Islam Law (Syariah Law) for daily life but we have to respect the Islamic culture. In Islam rule, the woman body exploitation is absolutely prohibited.

Ø  Yes it is good news, because this is an organization that makes other people want to be able and have an intellectual mind like that women. Miss world will help this country to develop the name of Indonesia on the world views. Others, this will improve the tourism and creative economy of this country especially Bali. There are many party who accept that Miss World 2013 will be placed in Indonesia. Of course they have some argumentation and opinion for their choice. We have to respect to their word. Those are their right to give opinion.

2.      Can you assess the value or important of miss world, is the miss world contest containing a pornography?

Ø  No, I think miss world is the contest that show the beauty woman that has many over plus. She is beautiful, intelligent, cares about education, active in various social activities.

Ø  Yes, I think miss world is containing the pornography. At miss world, bikini is the official attire on the catwalk. I agree with the demonstration for rejection this event. I understand how they feel and I also disagree with this event. I hate the Indonesia government for supporting this event. Let’s think easily, if this event is canceled, there is no more demonstration. The people will not be in argumentation-war about this event. More than that, I think there are many way to improve the Indonesia economy and tourism without this Miss World 2013. We still follow the Miss muslimah beauty pageant.